•  The Rocket Man is an incredible modern retro fish surfboard that combines the best of both worlds. It possesses the remarkable ability to turn like a shortboard while maintaining the buoyancy to never sink, ensuring a smooth ride all the way to the short break.
  • With its big swallow tail and quad fin setup, the Rocked Man offers a perfect blend of stability and speed. The quad fins contribute to increased speed and maneuverability, allowing surfers to effortlessly navigate the waves and make quick rail-to-tail transitions.
  • The shortboard rails add a touch of responsiveness and control, enabling surfers to execute sharp turns with precision. The huge vee bottom between the fins enhances the board's ability to respond swiftly to changes in direction, making it a joy to ride in various wave conditions.
  • The Rocked Man is a versatile board that excels in a wide range of wave sizes, from knee-high to head-high, and it can even handle waves that are overhead. Its adaptability and high-performance characteristics make it a top choice for surfers seeking a board that delivers the perfect balance between retro style and modern surfing capabilities.
  • So, whether you're carving up smaller waves or riding overhead barrels, the Rocked Man is your ticket to an unforgettable surfing experience. Its ability to turn like a shortboard without sacrificing stability ensures that every wave becomes an exhilarating adventure, leaving you with the stoke of a truly fantastic surf session.
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