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  • The Convoy is a super retro fish surfboard, reminiscent of the Rocket Man model, but with a twist. It features a more aggressive nose that turns with finesse, providing surfers with an exceptional experience, especially in hollow waves. The board's design allows for effortless turning, making it a joy to ride in challenging surf conditions.
  • One of the standout features of the Convoy is its quad setup fins, which has become incredibly popular among surfers. The quad fin configuration enhances speed, maneuverability, and provides a stylish and smooth ride on the waves. The combination of the unique nose design and the quad fins allows surfers to showcase their style and finesse, making every session with the Convoy an unforgettable experience.
  • With the Convoy, surfers can channel their inner retro vibes while enjoying modern performance and handling in the water. Its smart nose design and ease of turning make it a favorite among surfers who want to push their limits in hollow waves and showcase their individual surfing style. The Convoy's blend of retro aesthetics and high-performance capabilities ensures that every ride is filled with both nostalgia and excitement, creating a perfect harmony between classic and contemporary surfing.
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