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The Costa Rica Surfboards Rentals

Opening Hours Monday thru Saturday 8:30 to 5:30 pm Sunday 9:00 to 4:00 pm


Do the reservation online or in the strore

Opening Hours Monday thru Saturday 8:30 to 5:30 pm Sunday 9:00 to 4:00 pm


    $15 - 2 TO 4 HOURS

    $20 - FULL DAY

    $40 - 2 DAYS

    $60 - 3 DAYS

    $80 - 4 DAYS


      Surfboards booking payment 5%

    We have very nice poliester flex shurfboards, made it professionally right here in the Jaco beach, with high performance craft and super light, 100% USA materials, surfboards are designed for costarrican surfing waves

    The average major airline traveling to Costa Rica charge for your surfboards.The chances of serious damage to your surfboard is pretty high and the chance of you being compensated for such damage are slim to none. DO NOT BRING YOUR SURFBOARD, with little money you can rent a professional local "CARTON" surfboard and you save time, money and a headache.


    We rent surfboards for surf lovers since 1997, and we expect you guys take care very well the boards. We will explaing how to do it in our surf shop, Our boards are only for your body and the ocean, please do not break it, be careful with the fan in your apartment or the rocks on the beach, do not set it up umproperly on top of your car, For sure we will explain those details here, also when you receive the surboards,please make sure you look after the surboards to return in the same state that you rent it in. check it with the surf shop guy to make sure it is clean, and not broke. If you break the surboards while you are using it, you have to buy it, We will stimate the price as a used one, it will go from 300 USD to 550 USD depending of the size. Another thing, YOU HAVE TO return the surfboards to our surfshop, We do not accept any other way to return them. We have been doing these rules for long time and people are happy with them. thanks



    SUNDAY FROM 9:00 TO 4:00 PM


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Costa Rica Surfboards Rental


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Launched in January 1997 , a regenerated way of renting surfboards on Jaco Costa Rica since its born. Costa Rica, Jaco Surfboard Rentals is first and #1 online place for renting quality and professional surfboards, well have boogie boards, short boards, fun boards, longboards and stand up paddle boards at low competitive rates , All our surfboards are made, here in Jaco in Carton Surfboards , Whether you're surfing for your first time or you've been surfing for over 50 years, we've got the surfboard for your surfing adventure.Just to let you know that you've found the right place, here's a few thing's to consider:

1) The average major airline traveling to Costa Rica charge for your surfboards.The chances of serious damage to your surfboard is pretty high and the chance of you being compensated for such damage are slim to none. DO NOT BRING YOUR SURFBOARD, with little money you can rent a surfboards and you save time, money and a headache.

2) LOCATION AND HOURS . Surf shop hours are generally between *: AM - 6pm, having a surfboard available to you 24 hours a day ensures you can get your surf on at any time of the day or possibly even night.

3) Costa Rica Surfboard Rentals ONLY rents quality surfboards and SUP, All made it here, we have a lot experience making them, and we sponsor the best surfers in Costa Rica In closing, thanks again and we hope to hear from all of you. Quality surfboards, low competitive rates and excellent service is what you can expect from us.


We have difference prices, From 2 hours to 4 hoaurs or 1 full day, we also rent boards for few days

The pioneering surfers enjoyed the waves in the first pick of the mouth, the famous “second”, and us, off course around the border. Many years passed and I decided to collect, pill out and reshape all of the classic boards that I could handle. Until I could collect money to buy my first professional blank and enjoy good design and the quality assurance that it brings, I kept working and tried to save money for the materials for the next board. Then a customer would give me more than the double of the cost of the board I made for him. In this way I began to save money and get seriously into the art of board-making. I remember visiting Tamarindo Beach in the early 1990s with nothing but my boards on my shoulder.

I immediately built a good reputation with both the local shop Iguana surf and tourists, and obtained recognition and remuneration for my natural talent. At this time a lot of frogs were always jumping in the streets in the same direction, and for that reason I decided to put the frog logo on the nose of the boards. To the left I am finishing with the competitive technical part of the surfboard that Pedro Cruz used to win the national championship.


We rent on most days unless the conditions are unsafe for beginners. We will always advise which beach in Jaco, Playa hermosa or the surrounding area will be best to surf on that day.

How can I rent a Board in Jaco surfboards rental ?

We have a rental contract you need to fill, basically the information you provides is about you and where you are staying, You will be required to leave a ID.

What time is the shop Open?

Our Surf shop opens at 8:30 am every morning, but you can get the board early, just call for arrangement 506 2643 3762. What kind Surfboards can I rent? We have any kind of surfboards for rent, shortboards, funboards fish, longboards , all made by Us in our facility. some time we advised you to take beginner surf lesson to learn the basic fundamentals of surfing.

What time do I have to return the equipment?

Equipment must be returned by 6 pm on drop off date if you rent it for the day, if you do it by other time just ask the rental desk. Late return of rental will incur a penalty fee of one extra day’s rental. Damage to equipment will also incur an additional fee to cover repair or replacement, so please make sure you look after the equipment and return in the same state that you rent it in.

Can I rent surfboard for longer than a day?

Yes you can, we arrange for you to rent out the equipment for longer than a day. Payment is upfront and we will need am ID and probably a deposit (talk to the manager) to be left for the duration of the equipment being out on rented. Any loss or damage will incur a fee.


Our Surf shop require photo ID while the equipment is out rented.This is to ensure the safe return of all rentals.


We have that option, if you like what you rented you can get it, we offer a try first for one day for free, if you buy it we do not charge for the rental day. the prices depends on the boards conditions

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